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Last updated: 11/01/2018



These Terms and Conditions apply to the website at (the “Site”).
Use of the Site includes accessing, browsing and placing an order on, the Site. These terms of use, together with the documents referred to in them, set out the terms on which you may make use of the Site.
We recommend that you carefully read these terms of use as they contain important information about your rights and obligations when using the Site. Your attention is drawn, in particular, to clause 8 (Use of the Site; Termination and Suspension of Use), clause 9 (Use of Products), clause 10 (Plagiarism) and clause 13 (Disclaimer of Liability).
The terms and conditions are in a printable version and we recommend that you print them off, or store them on your computer, for future reference.


These terms of use also include:
I.    The description of the Site at About Us page
II.    Our Privacy Policy
III.    Our FAQ page containing comprehensive information about our services and products that we offer; and
IV.    Our Money Back Guarantee setting out the more details of our policies on revisions and refunds
The documents and terms referred there above are collectively referred to as “these Terms”.
It is your obligation to read them carefully before using the Site and/or submitting any Order (as defined in clause 4(a), below) and/or payment to this Site.


By accessing and using the Site, including by submitting an Order (as defined below) and/or payment for any Products (as defined below) available through the Site (the “Services”), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms as amended from time to time. We highly recommend that you do not use the Site if you do not accept any of these Terms.


The company may change or add additional terms to any element of these Terms from time to time if:
I.    We alter the existing services we provide; or
II.    We add new services to the Site; and/or
III.    We need to do so for security, regulatory or legal reasons.
We will post any changes to the Site for the public to see. We advise all users to check the Site from time to time so as to take note of any changes that might have been made. The dates will be posted here together with the respective sections that have been amended.


One freelance Limited is the one providing the site.The company is registered under the law of Hong Kong with company number (the "COMPANY", "WE", "US", or “OUR”,). Our registered address is at.
The mention of these Terms to “you” or “your” means you as a registered user or visitor to our site.
The following declaration clarifies on how any personal details that are collected from you or any information you share with us will be managed by us whenever you visit our site and use our services. You are required to read carefully the terms of use to know the important information on your rights and responsibilities when using our site.


1)    The page ABOUT US elaborates more on the Site’s functionality
2)    The rights to make changes to the way the site operates has been reserved. Services adjusted and some features can be removed at any time without giving you a notice.
3)    It is a requirement to be legitimately capable of entering into an agreement within your residing prerogative to use the site by either ordering or making payment for any product.


1)    You will be needed to register with our website in order to preview or to place an order. You are needed to give the following necessary information on the standard online registration form for your essay or paper which include: Some information on the type of paper needed, details of the subject, style of citation, academic level, the type of services needed among other directives.
                 And personal information like your name, contact details, and payment details.
2)    You are required to fill and submit our standard online order form (“order”) to be able to preview or place an order.
3)    The stipulation of the necessities of your written products or paper or essays are all in the order which will be concluded and delivered to you as per your requirements.
4)    If need be to make changes on the information provided during the time of registration, it is upon you to update your profile apart from your email address which cannot be changed. To make the needed updates, you will go to EDIT PROFILE.


With our PRIVACY POLICY, we ensure that all records given to us will not be made public or shared with /to a third party.


a.    You are required to provide your personal details (username and email address) and choose a password during your registration process.
b.    To enhance the security of your information, we advise you to keep your account details secure and not to reveal it to anyone.
c.    You are only answerable to every actions and orders connected to your account. In case you are suspicious of someone else having your password, please go to EDIT PROFILE make the necessary changes or contact us through the various options made available to you.
d.    To recover a forgotten password, CLICK HERE option has been provided to reset your password or contact us.
e.    In case we suspect that your password is no longer protected, we reserve the right to make changes. An email will be sent to your email address provided on registration about the changes.


a.    Making an offer to place an order with implies that you are about to purchase a Product from our Site. The Product will only be availed to you upon complete payment of the same.
b.    Please refer to our FAQ section for more information about discount and bonus programs that we offer
c.    “Service fee” is the fee attached to a Product and is calculated and payable in advance. The Product will not be availed to you until this service fee is fully paid


a.    You may access the Site solely for your own personal and non-commercial use only
b.    The Site must only be used for purposes that are legal. Specifically, the Site might not be used for any of the following purposes:
i.    Dissemination of any unlawful, defamatory, harassing, obscene, abusive, harmful, threatening, or otherwise objectionable material or otherwise breaching any laws;
ii.    Transmission of materials that encourage conduct that constitutes a criminal offense, or otherwise breaches any applicable laws, regulations or code(s) of practice;
iii.    Interference with any other person’s use of the Site; or
iv.    Making, transmitting or storing electronic copies of materials protected by copyright without the permission of the owner.
c.    You shall comply to the local laws of any jurisdiction outside (country) if you decide to access the services of this Site from there
d.    You will take the responsibility for any costs or losses emanating from breaching of any of the provisions stipulated by the Terms and Conditions for this Site
e.    The company may terminate your consumption of our Site if it is confirmed that you have violated the provisions of these Terms
f.    If the company reasonably suspects your use of the Site is affecting the lawful operation of the Site or may adversely affect other customers, the company may suspend your access to the Site at any time as we launch investigations of the position.


By submitting an Order and/or payment for a Product with, you acknowledge and agree that:
a)    The purchased Product is only purported for personal and non-commercial use only
b)    The company acquires its materials from freelancers and then all the rights and ownership of the materials is transferred to the company and/or its partners and affiliates
c)    If you use any ideas from our products, you must accompany the same with proper citation to acknowledge the source
d)    The company only provides its materials to be consumed solely as examples for research, references, and/or for the intention of teaching the user on how to properly cite his/her papers using the commonly used styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, OSCOLA and Vancouver.
e)    Aside from a reasonable number of copies for personal, non-commercial use, you may not otherwise reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the Products and/or contents of this Site without the prior written consent of the company
f)    The payments that you make to us stand for the effort and time that we utilize in our efforts to gather, organize, correct, edit, post, and deliver reference materials, and to maintain, administer, and advertise for the educational purposes that this Site is intended for.
g)    You shall immediately destroy all the materials after you completely utilize them for your research purposes. We will not permit you to make other copies from the products for distribution, and no parts of the materials shall be used without properly citing the same


By submitting an Order and/or payment for a Product with, you acknowledge and agree that:
I.    The company reserve the right to terminate any contract or agreement set between you and us, in any event you condone or attempt to pass/transmit any material that has been plagiarized masqueraded as original
II.    If we suspect that  the product delivered has been distributed and/or used by the client in any plagiarized form, we still reserve the right to deny or terminate any future contract with you with regards to the services that we offer
III.    The company does not permit inscription of your very own name on the Product it delivers. provides Products for research and reference purpose and cannot at any time be used as a substitute for your own work. If the customers wish to utilize our Products in their original work, then they will be required to properly cite the exact portions that have been extracted from our materials. Each institution has its policy and definition of what constitutes plagiarism.
IV.    The company, its affiliates and/or partners will not be liable for any wrongful, illegal, unethical, or otherwise illegal consumption of our products and/or written material that the Site may offer. Such actions include but not limited to lawsuits, plagiarism, academic probation, expulsion, poor grading, failure, loss of grants/scholarships/awards/prizes/positions/titles or any other legal or disciplinary actions. If you purchase any of our products, you will bear the associated liability together with any legal and/or disciplinary actions that may emanate from the improper, illegal, and/or unethical use of the said products
V.    If the company notices incidence on the Products where plagiarism or discrimination had been tapped subsequent to the order acceptance, proofreading will be paused, then you will be notified of the nature of the case and a refund directive to be initiated, less costs incurred during prior administration and proofreading


a)    The Products offered by this company are not refundable. They don’t even have attached warranties, implied or expressed
b)    Once the order has been completed, there is no refund that you will be granted under any circumstances. However, the company might offer 100% refund in certain cases, at its discretion
c)    Cancellation and refunds once you have placed your order with are subject to the company’s cancellation and refund policy as prescribed in the FAQ and Money Back Guarantee sections.



a.    As indicated earlier, we source our Products from freelance writers
b.    We retain the full copyright for the products or any other material we provide to you, together with our partners and affiliates
c.    The company will only grant you non-exclusive access and license to only the Products that you have paid for, however strictly for personal and non-commercial use only
d.    You shall not publish, distribute, modify, transmit, modify, or derive ideas from this Site’s content, unless with a prior consent in form of writing
e.    In any event that we may suffer from damages or losses resulting from your unauthorized use of any materials derived from the products offered in this Site.


You must ensure that any materials you provide to us do not infringe the intellectual property or other rights or any other person or violate any applicable laws. In any case that they do so, you will take the responsibility for the damages and losses arising from your actions.


a.    We own and/or license all the intellectual property rights in any part of the Site
b.    There is no intellectual property right or any part thereof is intended to, and it shall not be deemed to, transfer to any individual accessing the website
c.    You may not copy, distribute, or download any content from this website, except as expressly permitted by these Terms or as otherwise agreed with us

12.4 SOURCES USED FEATURE will not provide e-books or articles, but excerpts used as references in the Products will be provided. Additionally, a service fee will be assessed for you to be able to collect and get materials delivered to you, including links to sources from where the materials are accessed from, for viewing or for the purpose of buying them.


a.    Our Site is provided as it is at now, and we regret it in any case, the nature of the website does not meet your requirements or expectations. You might be limited to access our Site and some of our services if the computer you are using to access the Site does not have the necessary equipment to support the relevant technology, such as encryption.
b.    This Site is only accessed via the World Wide Web (www), whose operation and availability are free from our interaction. You take the responsibility of any risk arising from the use of the www, and you will also be liable to adhere to the applicable national and international laws and regulations governing the same. We cannot guarantee the appropriate availability of the Site in any jurisdiction outside (Country).
c.    From time to time, we update or make modifications to our Site. We do not take any liability for any losses or damages suffered from the same
d.    There may be third-party hyperlinks embedded in the Site. The parties have their own resources as well as terms and conditions of use and privacy policies that we recommend you to review and understand before submitting your personal information. We will not be responsible or liable to any access to these third-party resources, and your access and use of their services and contents will be at your own risk.
e.    We will not be liable to any person, whether emanating from or in connection with the Products and/or Services including but not limited to:
I.    Failed, garbled, incomplete or incomplete and/or email transactions
II.    Hardware or software, electronic, phone, email, internet, network, or computer failures, malfunctions or any kind of difficulties
III.    Any condition arising from events that the company is beyond their control and that might deem the Product and or/service to be disrupted, delayed, or corrupted (as applicable)
IV.    Any typographical or printing errors in any of Products; or
V.    Any damages, losses, or injuries of any kind arising in connection with, or arising from your consumption of our Services
f.    We will not have any liability to you or any other person, whether arising out of or in connection with your use of the Site, or your inability to use the Site, or for any other reason including, without limitation, for:
i.    Any unanticipated losses or damages
ii.    Any matters in relation to events that we have no control over
g.    We do not intend to limit or exclude any liability for death or personal injury arising from negligence, or for fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability which may not be limited or excluded by law, or intended to affect your statutory rights as a consumer due to the Terms and Conditions outlined herein.


a)    Any of the rights that you might be entitled to for using our services is not transferable to any other person. The company may transfer its rights under these terms and conditions to another business where it is satisfied that none of your rights will be compromised by the endeavour.
b)    If in any case you breach these Terms and Conditions, and the company chooses to ignore the same, it (the company) will still bound to use its rights and remedies later on another day or in any other event that you breach the company’s Terms and Conditions.


a)    All the notices under these terms unless otherwise stated will be in form of writing, and the company will acknowledge the reception of the notices as received, if personally delivered or received from a mail that is certified and registered to
b)    We will notify you through periodic posts on the website, your personal order page, and/or through emails sent to your personal email, as dictated by the details you entered during time of Registration


a)    The terms and conditions stipulated herein are governed by (country) law. Both the company and you as the user of the Site are bound by this law and the jurisdiction of (country’s) courts.
b)    The company, at its discretion, will cooperate with the government to protect its property and rights together with those of the third parties and affiliates, so as to enforce the law if unethical, illegal and risky behaviour and/or action is reported to us from respective parties.
c)    If you access the website services outside the country, you will be bound by the laws of the country from which the services are being accessed. You will have to comply with the local laws in that country to the extent that the laws may apply.

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