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Progressive Delivery

This is a feature that facilitates the management of orders for custom assignments. It takes into consideration the client’s needs and the academic writing industry. The feature aims to secure clients and preventing fraudulent practices.


1.    The Payment for your paper is divided into reasonable instalments.

2.    Clients can save time and monitor their work according to their personal schedule.

3.    Your academic paper can be submitted in parts according to preference.

4.    Clients are assigned a personal manager responsible for communicating progress of custom assignments.

5.    After the first order’s approval, your academic paper is reviewed at no cost within 21 days.


1.    To oversee the progress of your work since it enables you to receive portions of a big order in lesser portion upon their completion. Depending on the agreement with the client, the writers handle the work at various levels hence allowing enough time to plan in advance.

2.    To continuously keep in touch with the writers through personal managers of the accounts who actively keep track of the work progress and inform you on the development.

3.    Have a chance of making payment in several portions as per your own plan, like after submission of every portion of the work.

4.    Have an extensive deadline for review, from the normal 7 days to a considerable number of days, hence giving you enough time to pinpoint areas that need review.

5.    Avoid main adjustments since you receive the work done in portions, therefore, reducing the chances of being overwhelmed on the last times.

6.    Ensure that a quality paper is done and payment is made to a work well done.


    Our Progressive Delivery service is cheap and affordable to our clients. When a client considers using this effective service, they can contact our Support Team through online live. Our online Support Team will provide further instructions concerning the payment instructions. Clients enjoy the benefits of this service by paying only 8% of the original cost of the ordered custom assignment.

    The additional cost may cover our clients need for their custom assignments to be submitted in parts where they can pay the total cost in instalments. For our customers who wish to have this feature included can address or contact our Support Team to advise appropriate and convenient payment plan. Our clients can also indicate that they need Progressive Delivery when filling their order forms.


Our esteemed clients should be aware that our Progressive Delivery service has some limitations. The limitations are attributed to rules and conditions aimed to improve the effectiveness of this feature.

1.    The feature is not applicable to custom assignments having deadlines from 6 hours to days and costs less than $150.

2.    The feature is compulsory for assignment orders having deadline of 5 days to 15 days and its price is over $500

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