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Privacy Policy


Privacy policy aims at regulating utilization of our website and the products that we offer. This is a formal and legal document that reserves all the matters that entails privacy. It covers the responsibility of the website,    referenced to “we, us, our” and you, which refers to the clients and the rights of both parties. It is a pact that you decide to join when you login to the site in your browser.  We, therefore, ask you to go through the following conditions, if the norms stated do not suit you, we advise you not to give any private details or make orders using this site.

2.Data we may collect from you as you browse our website

As you browse our website, we obtain the following data: your time of access, the type of browser you incorporate and your operating system. Moreover, we get access to your cell phone number, email address and the last four digits of your credit card number. However, the snippets obtained restrict identification of personality, political preferences, religion or sexual orientation among other sensitive issues. This ameliorates greater utilization of our website. We collect this form of data so as to reduce sophistication in client’s development of content hence it will be affordable. It is important to note that these private details are considered legal and honest because you submit it to us voluntarily.

3.How we utilize data

We will use your email address and cell phone number to inform you of the steps of meeting the order. However, we will also utilize it in sending you notifications regarding the orders, points required so as to gain promotions and discounts. This data is also essential as it guarantees payment.
We can also use your data for purposes of informing you about any significant changes in our website and the additional services we offer that change occasionally.
When you have a complaint or query, our company utilizes your contact data to respond to them. Nevertheless, it aids in keeping a track of records and when conducting market research and accounting activities.
We may also use gathered private details to notify you of existing products that may be of interest to you. This keeps you informed of any new service that may come up. However, you are free to disable this service or log out from our website utilized in this manner.
Also, we may use your data under circumstances that the law or legal individuals coerce us to provide it to them. Our company does not disclose, sell or distribute any private details to third parties and more so without letting you know.
However, if you think that we inappropriately gather and use data, you can always send us an email with requests for additional data. We are always available and accept complaints, queries and suggestions so as to elevate our standards of service provision.

4.User access and choice

Our primary objective is to be transparent in consideration of the data we gather so that you can be able to select substantial choices about how our company utilizes them. Through this, we put you under control of your data so that you can choose what to data you give and that which you don’t.
If you do not need to use our website anymore, you may disable your account by notifying our customer support team. You can do this by sending an email or contact us through calls using a cellphone to the contacts provided on our Contact Us page. We will reply within approximately five days.
When responding to your complaints and queries, we will provide details of data, inform you of the parties in which the data was submitted to, and elucidate the reasons behind data submission and storage and a comprehensive and coherent duplicate of the data. These requests can only be written and sent via email to our Support Team.

5.Log files

There are some pieces of data we obtain automatically and keep in log files for purposes of comparing them with data that we obtain directly from you. These pieces of data include the form of browser you use, clarification on how you utilized our services, description of your telephone log data such as the call history, types of calls and message routing data, the number that identifies the computer in a particular network, internet service provider, clickstream data; recordings of sections of the screen you click when browsing, the time stamp; financial order routing processes where the exact time of the day is stamped on the order when it is received and when it is completed and the operating system.

6.Cookies and other tracking technologies

Cookies are files that are put in your browsing device to make it easy for you to access the previous items you ordered and those you saved. Application of cookies is done so as to enhance client’s experience by making it more effective and systematic. We reserve the right to disable or enable cookies contingent upon your preference. Our terms and conditions allow the use of cookies, therefore; disabling this message translates to a dysfunctional site or suggests we cannot ensure the effective and efficient functioning of our services because cookies act as the functional hub of our services. Our company utilizes cookies to keep you logged in and to oversee your work through Google Analytics.
To deactivate cookies, you go to your internet web browser settings. It will be difficult to access our website without enabling cookies.
Local Storage Objects
We may gather data and store in your computer using browser web storage and application data caches.

7.Storage of data and security

SSL certificate incorporated ensures comprehensive discretion of all your data and the security of each and every transaction conducted. Our company utilizes SSL to encrypt our services.  It includes all the details of orders you submit and the links or pages you visit. We reserve the rights to confidentiality of your data and circumvent third party access to your private details that we obtain when you use our website. Our workforce is systematically trained and ordered to ensure the safety of your data. However, we avail your data when a legal body coerces us to do so. At no point do we disclose client’s data for purposes of renting, selling or lease to third parties unless legally coerced.
When placing an order, you are asked to give all the description of your credit card and other sensitive details because all the work is carried out on a secured and protected page where nobody can get access to that data. It guarantees 100% security to all the documents and data that are placed there. This data is stored fundamentally until your order is cleared and for future references.
The email address given is used as a mode of communication when you place an order with regards to the work progress, status of the order and its interpretation. However, email communication is not confidential unless it is encrypted. Our company does not give this data or any other stored data for that matter to any third party. Our company does not store documents in data banks or give in our website. All data, documents and orders done are private and confidential. They are safe and cannot be sold, leased, rented or communicated to third parties. This guarantees safekeeping and 100% security of every piece of data obtained with reference to our clients.

8.Transfer to third parties

Data about our clients may be shifted to third parties in cases where all of our property is procured by a third party or any trusted company. When we offer them private details for processing on our behalf, we ensure that they abide by our Privacy policy and keep total confidentiality.  Nonetheless, you will be informed by email or phone number or our website of any alterations and preferences in relation to your personal particulars.


We are not obliged to taking responsibility for losses resulting from hacking conflicts consequential of email access for purposes of payment. Therefore, our company does not accept requests for refunds unless you are able to present concrete proof that your PayPal account or email address has been hacked while you did not consent to the order. Our company utilizes a system that defines the boundaries between computer networks that is keen in disenfranchising unauthorized persons or networks from using your data. Any data transmitted through the internet is not a 100% safe. We cannot be accountable for any breach of private details that we cannot manage. It is, therefore, crucial to note that most of the internet passages of data except our website are not safe if they are not encrypted. In situations where data is lost in reference to other ways of passing information or other websites, our company does not account for it.

10.Links disclaimer

This website protects the freedom to avail links to the government authorities and other sites. It makes it possible for data to be provided only to its clients. However, the moment you follow a link to our site, your private details will be utilized but it will not be contingent upon the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. We are not accountable for protecting any data given to other websites.

11.Social media widgets

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are included on our website. We have elements that enable sharing of data on our site through these media platforms. Through this, third parties can get access to your Internet Protocol address and the services we offer you among other private details. Incorporation and utilization of these elements are controlled by our rules and regulations offering these services.


We provide blogs that can be accessed by the general public. Therefore, if you write a blog, it can be viewed and utilized by other individuals who get access to them. When you want to eliminate your private details of our weblog, you can send an email to so that we can notify you whether or not we have eliminated it.

13.Disclosures prohibited

We restrict disclosures of data to parties that are highly probable in causing malicious damage. These parties could be the employees, contractors or representatives who are determined in accessing data for processing or other reasons. Our company does not allow data to go out to the general public or be utilized in court petitions.

14.Changes to privacy policy and future developments

The freedom to update, alter and improve our privacy policy is open. We adjust our privacy policies occasionally. Your data may be incorporated for novel uses not previously stated in our Privacy policy. If this happens, the policy changes are outlined on our website. Therefore, if you want to stay informed about how this website uses your private details, you have to access the website often. This way, you can not only gain access to new policies but also new services pretty early.
However, you may be required to you to adopt the new privacy policy or carry on with the old privacy policy. This relies on the transactions that are influenced by the new privacy policy.

15.Use of samples for quality assurance policy

We allow access to representative tasks done by other writers on the condition that the representative task is not duplicated or given to other parties. However, you will be required to agree to our terms and regulations and once you accept it, a piece of data from your order will be made available to other clients. Our company utilizes this for the sole reason of guaranteeing quality work.  

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