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How does the work?

Placing an order at is very easy and user friendly. All you have to do is click the “Order Now” or “Place and Order” button and fill in the Order form with the required details. Advance to the payment section and use the payment method that fits you. Your order will be received and acted upon by our team within the deadline you choose.
Whenever one feels it necessary to provide specific materials and specific paper instructions he/she can follow the following steps:
1. Fill in the Order Form and Advance to Payment
For queries on order form submission please click in the “info” sign which is after every field on the form, a popup window showing the required information. On completion of order submission one automatically directed to the Personal Order page. This page enables you to track the progress of your order, upload required files and communicate with the writer and administrator by sending messages.
2. Personal writer is assigned to you.
We will receive your order and start its processing immediately, our qualified staff members will seek and evaluate the most competent writer who is at corresponds to your requirements and field study. Any software or literature needed in order to get the assignment done must be stated in your initial instructions so as to enable us choose the best writer for assignment.
3. Order Completion and Delivery
After your assignment is done, it will be delivered on your order page in a pdf preview version. A Microsoft Word file will be automatically provided to you after you have approved the order by pressing the “Approve Order” button in the files list on your Personal Order Page. If the work done does not meet your expectations you are encouraged to request a free revision stating the new revision deadline for the writer (Please refer to Revision Policy)

Is it ethical to receive help for my work?

We have put mechanisms in place that assures as the originality of the work we do. Our work is authentic and can be applied in the following:

•    As a source of knowledge during research

•    Citation

•    A source of additional understanding.

This possibility is 100% excluded. Having developed own plagiarism detection system, we provide you with a custom plagiarism report. Now you can be sure that your assignment is 100% authentic.

Where are you located?

We are among the Leading London based Academic Assistance Company. We are located on (Plot No.., Along Road….).

How can I pay for the custom written paper? Is it safe to submit payments through your site? has put measures in place to ensure speedy and safety transfer of money across the online payment platforms.  At the present moment, we accept payment by PayPal which is a well renowned company that offers secure online money transfers. While placing an order, just after the filling the order processing form, you will be directed our companies page where instruction on how the payment process is done. It takes a couple of minutes for us to receive the funds and start working on your order.

Why is the price so low/high?

Charges to our services are considerably higher compared to the industry average. This is because we provide a dedicated and personal approach services to our clients. Many companies are focused cash generation but we are aimed at quality of service and enhancement of customer relationship so as to nature future engagements.  It is simple the cheaper the service the poor the quality of work.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Please visit our Money Back Guarantee web page for more information

Who will write my custom paper?

What are the credentials of my writer? What is my writer's degree?
Our team is comprised of individuals who have attained Academic degrees, ranging from Masters to Ph. D level. They are clustered according to their area of specialization which allows our staff to properly identify a writer who meets your requirements. Writers skills set is evaluated based on the following parameters so as to ensure quality of service.
•    Academic and professional experience:
•    Performance of online grammar and application easy.
•    Writer’s scores and reviews gained from the past works.
•    Writer’s availability and his willingness to complete the work within the stipulated timeline.

Can I choose a specific writer?

For our frequent customers it is possible to request for a writer who had served you before. This is by clicking on “I want a Specific Writer” option and select the preferred writer from a list of writers. If you fail to specify the writer, there is no assurance that your preferred writer will be assigned.

Where is my writer from? has writers all worldwide. They range from English native speakers to non-native speakers who have a good command of English. Our writer have demonstrated their understanding of English but above all the understanding of other subjects. This has enhanced the quality of work which is expected to meet our client’s academic level. Our clients can choose writers from the following categories:
•    Best available writer;
•    Advanced (high quality);
•    ENL (US, CA, UK, AU).
Whenever a native writer in any specialization is currently not available to complete your paper the paper can be completed by a non-native speaking writer whose area of specialization and knowledge of English still corresponds to the highest TEOFL level mark.

Can I talk to the writer who will be writing my paper?

Yes you can. You can communicate with the writer by sending messages from your Personal Order page. You will receive email notifications of every new messages you have engaged in with the writer. You are encouraged to visit your personal order page regularly in case a writer might have questions regarding your order.

Is there a possibility of plagiarism in completed order?

Our papers are original and authentic. We have a plagiarism detection system which has proved to be among the best and above all it can detect any kind of internet plagiarism. Unlike the other popular plagiarism detection systems, our system does not report to any public databases making it possible to perform a safe check. Please note that it is possible for a writing company to guarantee no plagiarism against open Internet sources and a number of certain databases, but there is no technology (except for itself) that could guarantee no plagiarism against all sources that are indexed by turnitin. We cannot guarantee that there is no paraphrased text in the document you receive. In order to be on the safe side, we suggest that you check the paper using writecheck service from and send us the report.

Do you keep a database of pre-written essays?

No. We do not have such a database. All our work is written from scratch.

What is the format of your custom essays?

We produce papers which have the Academic format:
•    10-inch margins on all side.
•    275 words per page.
•    Formatted with 12 point Times New Roman/ Arial font
•    Double spaced.
If at all your paper needs special formatting, you are advised to include these requirements in the “Paper Instruction” box on the order page.

When will my custom paper be done?

When you place an order with is, you can choose a variety of delivery options and this way determined your deadline for the paper to be completed. Order processing time is calculated from the time we have received payment in our system. As an example if you pay an order at 6 PM on Monday and choose a delivery option you will receive your custom paper by 6 PM on Thursday.
When placing the deadline please consider that writer need sufficient time to perform and in-depth research so as to produce a quality paper.
All the required resources and instructions should be uploaded at the beginning, otherwise you order’s deadline will be postponed. If you choose progressive delivery you will be receiving an individual delivery schedule that will be followed by the writer assigned to you.
Please make sure that the exact date when you have to submit your assignment exceeds your first deadline by at least 30% so that there is ample time for any revision of your order.

What is Progressive Delivery service and how does it work?

This is a feature that suites orders such as Dissertations, Capstone Projects etc. In progressive delivery order are delivered to you in parts as the writers progresses with the remaining part of your order. This feature will cost you 10% extra on you order price. You can also pay for your orders in bits by the use of this feature, to achieve this you can make arrangements by contacting our operators just before completing the order form. Progressive delivery works in the following manner:
1.    Pay for your order in segments;
2.    Maintain closer communication with your writer (should you so desire);
3.    Receive the Thesis/Dissertation part by part or even Chapter by Chapter;
4.    Plan and schedule your academic work in advance.
Progressive Delivery works according to this general outline:
1.    You place an order and we set up a Progressive Delivery and payment plan for you.
2.    We assign the most qualified writer to start working on your order.
3.    The writer delivers each part of the order according to the PD schedule.
4.    You review and comment on each part after it is completed by the writer.
5.    Each part can be revised according to your comments while the writer continues working on the next part of your order.
6.    You receive a fully completed paper that requires minimal or no revisions.

How do I fill in the order/inquiry form?

In order to place an order, please follow these steps.
1.    Go to the order form, by pressing the “Order Now” button.
2.    On the order form, specify your Topic page count (excluding the Title and the bibliography page).
3.    Specify the delivery date and the number of sources.
4.    Be sure to leave comments in what exactly your assignment requirements are.
5.    For inquiry about any field please press the “info” button next to each filed in the form and a popup will appear with a description of the required field.
You are encourage to indicate the course tittle, writing style and any important details so as to help the writers while working on your paper.
You can place an inquiry whenever you have completed and double checked all the details filled in the order form. Our staff will then embark on finding the right writer for your order, once successful a payment link will be sent to you.

How will I be able to send my case study/articles/materials to the writer?

After you have placed an orders, you will be redirected to the Personal Order Page at On the order page you will see a “Files” button adjacent to its respective order, this button enables you to attach required case studies, articles, materials that are required while working on the order. After file upload, these materials will be accessible to the write who is working on your order. For any difficulties please contact our support team.

What is my personal order page? How does it work?

This is the customer page, after successfully login in to our system a customer is directed to this page. Personal page enables clients to track order progress, upload materials and also communicate with the writer and the administrator. The order page contains:

·         Your Orders tab: It enables clients to track orders history and displays a list of current, finished and cancelled projects.

·         Now Order: This allows you to submit a new paper request.

·         Profile: This section provides your personal information and allows you to modify the login password.

What if I forget my password?

As you place an order with you will be required to provide your individual password. If by any chance you have forgotten the password while submitting a new order form, please follow the link to a page contains the guidelines for further actions.

How will I receive my paper?

Immediately after our team has completed your paper you will receive an email notification with a link to your Personal Order page. You are advised to always check your order page whenever the deadline is approaching so as to avoid enforceable misunderstanding. Note that we do not send files via email, for you to access you paper click the “Manage Your Orders” page from our website or go to your Personal Order page.

How do I download printable Microsoft Word version?

You can only download a printable Microsoft word file after you have approved the PDF version. The file will be located in the 'Files' list of your Personal order page and will have a special mark (!!Ms Word version of the paper!!).

I haven`t received my custom paper by the deadline. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately by writing a message on you order age, contacting our support team via live chat or call. The reasons behind the delay may vary from time to time, it can either be the writer s waiting for your assistance but you cannot be reached since you entered an incorrect email address or our team is checking for plagiarism work. Please feel free to contact us first if you are having a problem with order delivery.

What if I do not like my custom paper?

If in case your assignment requires some changes you are encouraged to request a revision form “Files” list of your Personal Order page by sending instructions to the writer stating the exact hours needed to complete it. Significant changes that are required to be made to the original order will be charged at fee which depends on the complexity of the task. Please check the revision policy for more information.

What is the samples service?

This is a service that allow you to be acquainted with the writing style of the writer assigned to you. We achieve this by providing a three randomly generated pages from the previously completed paper by the writer assigned to you. From these samples you can decide whether to work with the writer or change to another one. Changing of writer can only be done 2 hours after the generation of samples. Writers can be changed up to 3 times on one order. Failure to request a different writer within the stipulated time is regarded as your acceptance of the writer assigned to you. This service is available for $5.

Do your writers complete online assignments and multiple choice (check boxes, T/F, etc.) tests? do not complete multiple choice tests and/or any other kind of online tests, as we believe it is as much the student's direct responsibility to pass tests (whether they are online or not), as it is to take exams. In addition to that, it is hard to evaluate the true quantity of work done by the writer while performing a multiple choice test. Moreover, please be advised not to share your personal information with the writers (including any accounts login information), in the paper details and through messages, as the company will not take responsibility if your personal data is abused in such a situation. In case you have ordered such an assignment, your order will be cancelled and money will be refunded

What is Complex Assignment?

These are assignments that requires special knowledge and more advanced research skills. Consequently, writers with such qualities should be compensated accordingly. Here is a list of disciplines the service 'complex assignment' applies to:
•    Accounting
•    Architecture, Building and Planning
•    Chemistry
•    Computer science
•    Finance
•    Mathematics
•    Physics
•    Statistics
•    IT, Web
•    Biology (and other Life Sciences)
•    Civil Engineering
•    Engineering
If you place an order for one of these disciplines, you will be charged 20% more than for ordinary assignments.
Orders that fall into the category of 'Other' are reviewed by the Support Team, and if they identify your discipline as a complex one, you will be charged an additional 20% of the initial order price. You will be notified of the price change and receive a link for additional payment.

Is your Service Confidential?

At confidentiality is paramount. Client’s personal information, orders instructions and the orders themselves are not exposed or distributed to any third parties. !00% non-disclosure of any personal data is guaranteed with us.  Our support team will contact you using these numbers, anyone other number claiming to working for us should be considered a fraud. Our support team will never ask for your online billing details via a phone call but instead use the payment and billing form. Payment confirmations will be sent to your Personal order page.
For more details please see our Privacy Page

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